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boys who made me cry EP 

Released: 1/12/2022

Description: A melancholy yet uplifting blend of dreamy contemporary indie, 90s rock, and vintage honky tonk country. Etherial ballads for sad cowboys.

Artist References: Like a queer fronted Alvvays, Grizzly Bear in some places,

Matt Maltese, a dab of Patsy Cline, just the right measure of Sixpence None the Richer :)


'What’s most impressive about Boys is the way Sundaes avoids genre tags — the band adopts a universal pop style that works beautifully on the record’s finest tune, “Songs Enough to Sing.” Like Roxy Music on their great 1979 avant-disco album Manifesto, Nunes contemplates the meaning of desire while he dances away the heartaches.' - Edd Hurt (Nashville Scene)

'i wonder' was selected as Lightning 100's DJ pick of the week Feb. 3rd 2022 - "At its core, “I Wonder” is soothing and pleasant to listen to. The drums are simple and subdued, yet full and punchy when necessary. Meanwhile, the synthesizer and bass lay down a smooth groove throughout the song. “I Wonder” features solos on steel guitar and fiddle that both mesh well with the other instruments. Max Nunes’ vocal delivery is soft and refined, amplifying the song’s calming effect on the listener." - Ethan Spivey (Lightning 100)

Recommended Focus Tracks: 'i wonder', 'songs enough to sing', 'boys who made me cry'

Track listing: 


01.) 'sunday night' (explicit) - for something a bit more experimental musically


02.) 'boys who made me cry - If you're looking for a slow jam


03.) 'songs enough to sing' - the most 2010s indie rock forward 

04.) 'a long kiss goodbye - with its minimal piano and bowed upright bass it's the folkiest

05.) 'i wonder' - serves up all the 90s nostalgia you need. 

The video for the title track is shown below. 

Sundaes Press Photo1.jpg
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